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Introducing Angel's Salumi & Truffles

David Boylan

Salumi and truffles at Angel's
A sampling of the salumi and truffle delights from Angel’s. Photo David Boylan

Actually, for those foodies in the know, Angel’s has been around since 2010 and you’ve probably run into them at events like the Encinitas Foodie Fest, KAABOO, Best of North County, Best of San Diego, La Costa Film Festival, Master Chefs of France and the San Diego Bay Wine & Food Fest. Yeah, this is a hard working group of folks led by Pascal Besset, CEO and Executive Chef born and raised in the South of France. In 2014 they opened their first distribution center and showroom in the Carlsbad Gateway Center—an innovative makers and wellness community. It provides locals a great opportunity to purchase goods and services directly from the makers and even observe their creations during production. Look for a column devoted to this hidden gem in the near future. My point is, you can pop in and buy direct from Angel’s and it’s definitely worth a visit.

Chef Pascal is an iconic figure among the culinary community in San Diego. All the chefs I interview know or have heard of him and for good reason. Pascal began his career at age 17 as an apprentice in a five-star kitchen in Monte Carlo. He refined his craft over the next 15 years part of which was spent learning a specialized branch of Charcuterie in the south of France, Monte Carlo, Corsica and Paris working alongside some of the best in the world at it. His father’s long time friend, Cesar Merline, Chef and Maitre Charcuterie, was his first mentor. Along the way, Pascal held Executive Chef positions at six different five-star hotels in France and California. After making his mark in the culinary world as a chef, he founded Angel’s Salumi & Truffles and the rest as they say is history.

His products can be found in many high-end restaurants, shops, and gourmet food distributors around the country. The business continues to grow with the addition of the distribution center, storefront, online shop, and tasting room located in Carlsbad. Pascal’s experience and passion can be tasted in each and every bit of his products.

In case you are wondering, the word Salumi is simply the plural for Salami. Angel’s Salumi & Truffles was derived from Pascal’s childhood nickname, Angel. Their mission has always been to provide top quality, uniquely handcrafted salami, truffles and other gourmet products. All of their meats are certified antibiotic and free of steroid and growth hormones. The game meats are free range, cage free or wild. They exclusively use Berkshire pork for all their products. Berkshire pork originated hundreds of years ago in Britain and boasts more marbling, richer color, increased tenderness, moisture and flavor. At the family owned farms in Kansas, the pigs spend most of their time outside roaming free. Their venison hails from New Zealand farms, and is also humanely raised and antibiotic free. The same can be said for their farm raised ducks and bison.

So besides sourcing the best meats possible, Chef Pascal obviously has the pedigree to turn them into amazing salumi. Slice some up with some good cheese and a fresh baguette and it is one of life’s simple, yet delicious pleasures…and with the confidence of knowing it was made by one of the best in the world at it.

Their truffle products come from La Maison de la Truffle Crayssac, a French company founded in 1900 in Perigord, a region is synonymous to truffles worldwide. Angel’s Salumi acquired Maison Crayssac to bring this European tradition to the American dinner table. Crayssac manufactures products in France and Italy such as pearl caviar, sea salts, puree, peelings, carpaccio and juice that are available through Angel’s as well. Their black and white oils, butters and salumi are processed locally here in California and are perfect in pasta, scrambled eggs, mashed potatoes…you get the point. Adding truffles to the menu is a great way to impress guests at your next dinner party and a perfect gift for the foodies in your life.

So speaking of perfect gifts, much of what I spoke of here and more can be purchased online at I would also highly suggest stopping by their showroom location in Carlsbad and meeting them in person at 5621 Palmer Way suite B, Carlsbad. 760.931.1324

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