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Where Bing Surfboards Eats Around Town

David Boylan

The Bing foodies
The Bing foodies from left Clarke Ledger, Aaron Kim, Margaret Calvani and Royce Cansler. Photo David Boylan

The new Bing Surfboards retail store opened in Leucadia recently and it’s a beauty. They have a great selection of boards, apparel, and accessories for anyone on your holiday shopping list that would appreciate the coastal lifestyle. Bing Surfboards goes way back to 1959 when Bing Copeland opened his first surf shop with his friend Rick Stoner and became one of the major surfboard manufactures of the sixties and early seventy’s. The whole story is worth checking out on their website.

I wanted to get to know the folks behind today’s Bing Surfboards so approached them about participating in a Lick the Plate column. They were quick to say yes…surfers always have strong opinions on food. Here is a look at some of their favorites.

Margaret and Matt Calvani are the current owners and Margaret had some really nice selections. . She started with Fish 101 in Leucadia where she likes the “good fish for a good price, and super fresh raw oysters.” She also likes that the owners are on site every day and the staff is friendly. Her favorite is the fresh fish plate with a grilled catch of the day, side of brown rice and a clean fresh green salad. It says something that Fish 101 always makes a list when I do these guest columns. It’s definitely a Leucadia gem.

Margaret is also a Café Ipe fan. “Best latte in Leucadia with a simple and fresh breakfast/lunch menu if you’re just meeting a friend or want to soak up some sun outdoors and listen to the live music. My personal favorite is the veggie bagel sandwich.” I’ll second that, and don’t forget to get some Revolution Roasters coffee when you are there.

Rico’s Tacos in Encinitas wraps up Margaret’s list. “Mexican is not my favorite, but when I do crave a burrito I go to Rico’s because they don’t use lard in the beans and you can order a fairly light burrito without feeling like you swallowed a brick afterwards. The Justin Burrito is the one to get, it includes French fries.” I did not know of this non-food coma burrito and will have to put it on my list. Thanks Margaret!

Clarke Ledger is the manager at the new Bing Surf Shop and starts off with one of Leucadia’s hidden gems, Fulano’s. “It’s my favorite place to go for Mexican food. After walking by this place for four years due to local rumors I decided to try it out. It’s one of the best local restaurants in town offering quality instead of quantity. The combo with the beef taco and chile relleno are a go-to for me.” Thanks for the reminder Clarke. I pass it daily too and it’s time to devote a column to them. Clarke is also a fan of Seaside Market and their Cardiff Crack Tri-tip. “It will turn a vegetarian into a carnivore.” Then on the other end of the spectrum, Clark heads to Mozy's Café, “for when I've had too much Seaside and Fulano's, but still crave a burrito these guys still serve healthy options that don’t skimp on taste.” Way to balance it out Clarke.

Bing Surfboards Marketing Director Aaron Kim is up next and he starts out with Pollos Maria in Carlsbad. “This place has awesome grilled chicken. I usually get a half chicken plate or go with chicken tacos, chicken flautas or chicken burrito. Basically anything with chicken is a winner.” Next up for Aaron was Yoshino Japanese Deli in Carlsbad. This is a place that I will be writing about soon as the buzz has been huge. This is how Aaron describes it. “The best Poke bowls and premade sushi plates in North County and the price is right as well. I got hooked on Poke in Hawaii and this place is the closest thing I can get to satisfy that craving. They are small and sell out quick. They open at 10:30 am and the poke bowls are usually gone before noon and its cash only.” Just FYI Aaron, you may need to get there a little earlier now, ha!

East Village in Encinitas rounds out Aaron’s list. “I go there to get a fill of Korean style food. Convoy Street is a bit far for most days so this is the next best thing. The beef kimchee burrito is awesome. Most people go for the Monk Stone Pot which is basically Korean bim bim pot but Americanized to appeal to the local customers. It’s an awesome place to eat with friends.”

Royce Cansler is the owner of Bing Surf Shop and chimed in with a couple of local favorites.
He is a big fan of Rimel's in Cardiff. “I love the variety of food and the taste and freshness of all their dishes are great.” Pelly's Cafe & Fish Market in Carlsbad also makes his list. “Fresh seafood and their fresh fish counter allow you to grab something to cook at home as well.”

Nice picks Bing Surfboards. A Couple of new ones for Lick the Plate to check out for sure. The Bing Surfboards store is located at 802 N. Coast Hwy 101 Encinitas. Reach them at 760.944.6300 or

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