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Lick the Plate gets the munchies

David Boylan

LTP munchies
A favorite in-house munchie delight of meat loaf sandwich on Wonder Bread with chips and carbonated beverage. Photo David Boylan

With the legalization of marijuana for recreational use last November, pot has come out of the closet so to speak. For adults over the age of 21 in California, it is now legal to use, possess and share cannabis, as well as grow it at home. Adults can possess up to one ounce of flowers or eight grams of concentrate (like the stuff you put in vape pens) and partake in your home without fear of arrest.

My opinion on smoking or eating pot has always been similar to that of alcohol consumption, enjoy it in moderation, don’t let it interfere with your relationships, work or any responsibilities where it would prove detrimental. And obviously don’t operate a motor vehicle or any other machinery when under the influence. Spend a few bucks on Uber or Lyft and save yourself a lot of potential trouble.

That said, as a partaker in this newly legal activity, I will enjoy a toke or two with a cocktail or glass of wine when the time is right. I’m in a creative profession and it opens my mind up a bit, a mind that can get bogged down in the business side of running a business sometimes. I do make sure to have a pen and paper handy as some of the ideas that flow can be good ones.

The correlation between pot and food consumption is nothing new. My family obtained a medical card for my mom at 92 who was losing weight during the last year of her life and the weight loss subsided. It also loosened her already loose social filter and she took to saying things to strangers in public like “I’m high on medical marijuana”. It also produced this gem when we were talking about her and my dad having me when he was 50 and she was 44 after raising 5 kids already. She proclaimed, somewhat out of the blue that “our birth control was called Vatican roulette”. After a hearty laugh I said, “so you lost and here I am.” She let out a laugh and agreed. Besides appetite enhancement there are many other medical uses but that’s another topic altogether.

That same munchie correlation is one of the big reasons I can’t smoke pot often as I really do get the stereotypical food cravings and would have serious health issues if it were a regular occurrence. There is scientific research behind this but my simple explanation is that it turns off my “I’m full” portion of my brain and I just keep eating.

All that said, there are certain foods that become high on my priority list when the munchies kick in and more often than not they would not be considered healthy nor things I gravitate towards in a normal state. It usually begins with what I call the salty crunchy things category which can include chips, pretzels, and other processed delights like Funyuns and cheese puffs. After the crunchy need is quelled, the quest for the perfect savory delight begins. Being a creative and resourceful cook to begin with and given some basic proteins and starches on hand I can usually whip something up. If I’m really lucky, I have some leftover Italian dish like lasagna or pizza and simply devour it cold. One of my all-time favorites though is a cold meatloaf sandwich, served on a spongy white bread, preferably Wonder Bread, with mustard, bread and butter pickles, and a side of chips and some kind of carbonated beverage. It’s the only time I eat that kind of bread but it’s essential in my mind for that perfect sandwich. The frozen section of Trader Joe’s can also provide a nice selection of almost ready to eat in-house munchies. Some I like to have on hand are the pot stickers, fried rice, mac and cheese, turkey Bolognese, roasted corn, quiche, pizza, and numerous others, all of which can be great foundations for a quick, creative meal.

Sometimes lazy and hungry kicks in and that’s when the need for something ready-to-eat or delivered to your door is the only solution. North County is full of those options and opinions on those and I’ll be exploring them in detail in future columns. Until then, remember, if you are going to imbibe, do it responsibly.

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