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A Celebration of Bread with Sadie Rose Baking Company

David Boylan

Partners Michael and Jennifer Lipman and daughter Sadie Rose
Partners Michael and Jennifer Lipman and daughter Sadie Rose. Photo courtesy of Sadie Rose Baking Co.

Let’s face it, bread has gotten a bad rap over the past few years with most diets eschewing it to keep the carbs low, be gluten free or some other nonsense. While those who have been diagnosed with celiac disease sure, gluten is not a good thing, but for the rest of us, it seems like more of a trend or fad for people to latch on to if they are not feeling well, or if they want to try the latest diet craze. And the gluten free offerings hardly compare to expertly crafted bread.

In the opinion of Lick the Plate, bread is one of life’s great pleasures that can add flavor, texture, and character to every meal. I’ve never really understood those that forgo the bun at In-And-Out Burger for a piece of lettuce. Where is the joy in that? Anyway, now that my position on bread is clear, let’s talk about a San Diego company that is producing artisan bread on a large scale and has achieved great success at it.
Sadie Rose Baking Company bakes handmade breads fresh every day, the way bread has been made for centuries in Europe, with the help of some amazing European equipment that has enabled them to scale up to meet their demand. There is still enough hands-on happening to give it that artisan quality though. They use the finest all natural ingredients and leaven their dough with natural starters. Their skilled artisan bakers then shape each loaf by hand to preserve the open, airy structure of the dough. The loaves are allowed to rise slowly to enhance the complex flavors of the wheat. The result of all this care and effort is exceptional artisan bread that is the choice of Southern California’s most demanding chefs. You will find Sadie Rose at fine restaurants, hotels, Whole Foods, and now Vons throughout Southern California.

I should point out that the product line at Sadie Rose goes far beyond simple bread. They offer batards, baguettes, boules, ciabatta loaf, brioche buns, focaccia, cracker bread, pizza crusts, dinner rolls, hamburger buns, and one of my favorites, their amazing pretzel bun, to name a few. I don’t know quite how to describe it other than it is one of the best ways to eat a hamburger or any type of sandwich I’ve ever had. The Lumberyard Grill & Tavern in Encinitas puts their burger on it so that would be a great place to try it out. I’ve become slightly addicted to these buns, and recently sent a few packs to my pretzel loving brother Gerry for a milestone birthday. Because of the density and weight of the rolls, it was a pricy overnight FedEx fee but hey, certain things are worth spending on and getting those rolls to my brother still fresh was more than worth it. Seaside Market in Cardiff carry’s them along with all their Vons locations including Solana Beach.

Sadie Rose was founded by Michael Lipman and his wife Jennifer and was named after their daughter, Sadie Rose. In 1998 after a successful career that included some work in the film industry, Michael and his wife Jennifer (also a film industry executive) decided to strike out on their own. Devoted foodies, they purchased a small artisan bread bakery in Mission Valley, then called Upper Crust Artisan Breads. Michael and Jennifer took a course at the San Francisco Baking Institute to prepare for their endeavor and Michael continued his education as a baker on the job and through additional courses. They quickly outgrew their original location and moved to an East Village facility downtown which they also grew out of and are now in a beautiful new headquarters and baking facility centrally located in Mira Mesa. You have probably seen their distinctive black trucks driving around town as they deliver daily to their thousands of customers.

Some of their notable North County Coastal restaurant customers include Fish 101, Tommy V’s Urban Kitchen,
La Costa Resort & Spa, Bistro West, Jake’s Del Mar, Firefly Grill & Wine Bar, and Café Ipe. That’s just a sampling and their San Diego list is even bigger. Sadie Rose does bread right and they are a San Diego company that is worth supporting. Check out their website to find out what restaurants and stores carry it.

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