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Where the San Dieguito Academy track team eats around town

David Boylan

The SDA track team foodies and coach Gordy Haskett
The SDA track team foodies and coach Gordy Haskett. Photo David Boylan

While I still dabble in the track world running sprints at the Summer Nights track meet series and the occasional 5k, I can only look back with fondness on the glory days of high school track when I could consume mass quantities and burn it off with ease. Oh those were the days. As a track guy, I was thrilled to finally see a state-of-the-art track completed recently at San Dieguito Academy. This was long overdue in my opinion given the number of high level athletes that reside in Encinitas. To celebrate the new track, I contacted SDA coach and owner of Gordy’s Bakery, Gordy Haskett to gather a sampling of where some of his athletes are eating these days.

Keaton Crow runs the 1600 for Gordy and was the first to respond. Keaton is a big fan of El Pueblo which he described as “the high school haven for quick and delicious Mexican food”. Their 99 cent fish taco is his favorite economy dish, along with the Carne Asada Fries that can serve two to three people, but there are times after big workouts that Keaton can devour a whole tray in a single sitting. Keaton had this to add about El Pueblo. “In addition to the delicious food, El Pueblo is also a 5 minute car ride away from SDA which makes it extremely easy. The most unique aspect of the restaurant however has got to be the location. I had no expectation for the gas station Mexican food truck stop when it was first being built, but I’ve grown attached. Gordy’s Bakery is also high on my list. My coach’s quirky little bakery represents his other heart and soul. In addition to being able to spend the extra quality time with Gordy, I also get a large variety of goods that substitute my lunch on the days I forget mine at home. The Plonk and R Bar are the classic go-to choices, but there is always something new for me to try too. The food, the shop, and Gordy’s tattooed legs under the swinging doors all add to the truly original experience. As a track and cross country runner it may seem as though I have a bias, but if you are looking for something unlike anything you’ve ever had before than this is the place to start.” Good stuff Keaton and I will have to give El Pueblo a try.

Sam Fiero is an 800 meter specialist and her go-to place is The Lotus Café in Encinitas. “They have healthy and delicious pasta, salads, smoothies, and of course their chocolate vegan cupcakes are to die for. I get the pesto pasta and a peacha colada smoothie every time. They have so much to choose from and most of the options are veggie, but most of all it’s a great place to go with friends who can’t decide on somewhere to eat since the menu has variety. I also just love the laid back atmosphere and free-spirited vibe. There isn’t another place like The Lotus Café, and my cousin from out of town always makes me take her there after a long surf sesh.” LTP loves Lotus as well…they always seem to have a great daily salad special.

Next up is Serena Saake who is a 3200 meter star. Serena’s favorite place to go is Swamis café as she loves the Coast Highway location. She loves their acai bowls and smoothies during summer. To satisfy her bigger appetites she goes for their “killer omelets”. Serena and her friends go there during one hour lunch day at SDA then walk right across the street to watch the waves from the top of swamis.

High jumper extraordinaire Sean Whalen is a big fan of Subman. “Being a track runner, I need to eat a lot, but I need to watch what I eat at the same time. Subman is the perfect place because their large sandwich portions fill me up, the flavors are delicious, and I know I'm eating something that won't give me a cramp. The reason for Subman and not another sandwich joint is the quality. They slice the meat fresh, right in front of you; that kind of quality and freshness can't be found anywhere else. It's right by campus, so I can literally run over there and get what I need to fill up.” I will have to give this Subman joint a try Sean, thanks for the tip.

We wrap thing s up with 1600/320 meter runner Robert Stegman. Robert is another fan of Swami’s Café but also counts Board and Brew in Del Mar as a favorite. He craves their wide variety of tasty sandwiches. Robert is also a Gordy’s Bakery devotee and had this to say about coach Haskett’s place. “On weekends after I finish a run, I stop by Gordy's Bakery along Encinitas Blvd to pick up some unique baked treats which are always delicious.”

So there you have it, a sampling of opinions from some stellar local high school athletes. I’m hoping they realize how lucky they are to be living in an area so flush with good restaurants. It’s a good time to be a high school foodie-athlete in Encinitas.

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